Easy-to-use handheld spectrometer

게시일: 2018. 8. 6 오후 2:12:41


Similar to Cai’s spectrometer, Stratio’s LinkSquare is an external pen-like device that connects to a smartphone app via Wi-Fi. According to Su Ryeo Oh, chief strategy officer at Stratio, the device operates in the visible and NIR, up to 1000 nm, with an optical resolution of about 5 nm. It’s a sleek instrument that arrives in an iPhone-like case and feels like an oversized fountain pen in one’s hand. The LinkSquare app contains applets that allow users to verify the authenticity of medications4, discern rotten from fresh tuna, identify certain types of skin cancer, and even estimate the percentage of cocoa in various chocolates. The app currently has about 15 applets — a number that is increasing. The device was born from the Stratio founders’ research at Stanford University into IR imaging.

The LinkSquare device is an easy-to-use, hand-held spectrometer that connects to a smartphone via Wi-Fi.