Infrared Photodetectors: Theory, Practice, and Applications

다양한 종류의 적외선 센서에 대한 설명이 잘 되어 있으며, Specific detectivity, NEP(noise equivalent power) 등에 대한 정의도 설명한다. 적외선 센서의 종류에는 thermopile, photoconductive, photovoltaic 등이 있다.

Modern CMOS Sensors and Their Use in Fluorescence-Based Applications

This White Paper outlines the possibilities and application areas of modern CMOS sensor technology in medicine and science. System manufacturers whose devices are equipped with CCD sensors and who are therefore increasingly looking for a suitable camera replacement will find valuable explanations and examples for uses in fluorescence applications here. Many medical, scientific or clinical diagnostic applications work with fluorescence-based methods. Due to their resolution and sensitivity particularly under low-light conditions, CCD sensors have so far been the established standard in these applications, but modern CMOS sensors have also caught on in these areas in recent years. In this White Paper, Dr. Felix Asche, Product Manager at Basler, outlines relevant technical correlations and offers various examples to show the diverse opportunities and advantages of modern CMOS technology in high-performance, non-cooled cameras.

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