Life time measurement of upconversion luminescence

게시자: Hyung Min Kim, 2012. 11. 7. 오후 6:02   [ 2012. 11. 7. 오후 7:28에 업데이트됨 ]
Measurement of infrared level lifetime by upconversion luminescence

Optics Letters, Vol. 36, Issue 7, pp. 1056-1058 (2011)


Based on repetition frequency-dependent excited state absorption (ESA) upconversion (UC) luminescence, a method to measure the lifetime of an IR intermediate level is proposed so long as ESA UC luminescence can occur in the rare earth ions. The feasibility of this idea is demonstrated via a theoretical simulation. A Er 3 + : LiNbO 3 crystal ESA UC luminescence under femtosecond laser excitation is used to illustrate this measure ment method, and the obtained 1.5   μm lifetime of 2.31   ms is shorter than previous reported values. This method can obviate the influence of radiation trapping effect on lifetime measurement, which is crucial in the traditional pulse sampling technique.